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Kilo 100ml Shortfill e-liquid 0mg nicotine (70VG/30PG)

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Brand New KILO E-Liquids 100ml by World renowned Kilo brewed in the USA. Kilo E-Liquids are highly rated for manufacturing the highest quality premium vaping flavours. Crafted to perfection in California and enjoyed by Vapers Worldwide. This is Kilo e-liquids at its finest!

Flavour Profiles:

Vanilla Almond Milk:
Vanilla Almond Milk is a blend of nutty & Creamy Notes on the tongue, a delightful vape!

NEW! Sweet Tobacco:
Rich Tobacco Flavours With a Level of Sweetness which only Kilo E-liquids know how to Provide the Smoothest Complex Profile for all Tobacco Flavours Fans!

NEW! Strawberry Custard:
The juiciest and Freshest Strawberry flavour Infused With a rich Creamy & Delicious American style Custard. Enjoy this dessert style vape brand new to the Kilo collection!

Smooth Tobacco:
A mild Blend of Tobacco, also available and very popular with the Kilo 1K e-cig pod system device.

NEW! Mango Cream:
Delicious Sweet Ripe Mangoes With the Smoothest of Creamy Notes Bringing you an all time Favorite dessert handcrafted into the most perfect blend to create an enhanced vaping experience.

Dewberry Cream:
A long time favourite - Heavenly Honeydew Cream Impeccably infused With Mixed Berry Accents. 

Coffee Milk:
Traditional Coffee Milk is the Perfect Brew of Bold Coffee Beans Topped off with Sweet Creamy Milk. On of the original flavours by Kilo which is still loved by vapers worldwide. This is the best Coffee flavour e-liquid available by far!

Cereal Milk:
All time American classic which we just cant get enough of! A Delightfully Nostalgic Blend of Your Favorite Breakfast With Creamy Milk perfectly blended into an all day vape!

NEW! Blue Lemonade:
Wow! Made With the Goodness of fresh Lemons & the Sweetness of succulent Blueberries to give you the most Deliciously Refreshing Flavour e-liquid perfect for any day!

Birthday Cake:
A Smooth Creamy Forsting then Topped it Off with Rainbow Sprinkles

Kiberry Yogurt:.
The old classic which is so Creamy and Masterfully Blended With frresh Ripe Strawberries & Just a Hint of Kiwi. Kilo works its magic creating out of this world perfected flavours.

Milk & Cookies:
The Original Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunked into a Glass of Ice Cold Milk! This is an all day moreish e-liquid which will keep you craving for more!

USA made e-liquid by Kilo, 100ml Shortfill (120ml bottle),  0mg nicotine strength,  70VG/30PG Mix