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10mg ULTD Nic Salt 10ml (60VG/40PG)

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Tantalize your taste buds with ULTD Salt Nic's. Manufactured in the UK with 7 amazing fruit flavour e-liquids in the range! Nic Salt e-liquids are specifically designed to be used with lower wattage devices or pod devices.

Flavour Profiles:

Apple Blow - Extracts the juicy flavours of ripe apples and expertly packs them into a bottle to bring you an e-juice that will blow your taste buds away

Citrus Seven - The sharp tones of the lemons and limes are infused perfectly to bring you a refreshingly fruity vaping experience.

Getsome Grape - This e-liquid is bursting with rich grape flavour and an explosion of fruity fun, creating a perfectly balanced vape juice

Lemberry Brew - The heavenly blend of blackcurrant and lemonade flavours will create an explosion of taste in your mouth, leaving you longing for that next vape.

Pomberry Plunge - This e-liquid combines the tastes of a cocktail of exotic fruit to give you an unforgettable vaping experience

Raspberry Twist - The rich flavours of the hand-picked raspberries provide a sweet yet subtle e-juice, perfect for giving your vape that much-needed berry boost.

Slushberry - Encapsulates all of the best flavours from the classic childhood blue slushy drink to create a delicious e-juice.

UK made e-liquid, 10mg, 10ml, 60VG/40PG